RAPAT for Healthcare

Create a healthcare organization that can contend with growing demands and shrinking resources

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  • Identify your organization's budgeting strengths and weaknesses
  • Discover how you can harness priority setting and resource allocation
  • Deliver the best possible care to your patient population in a constrained fiscal environment

Align every resource allocation decision with your strategic goals by discovering your organization's priority setting and resource allocation strengths and weaknesses.

How it Works

Answer these 4 questions from the RAPAT tool, and you will immediately receive a dashboard of your organization's budgeting strengths, areas of improvement, and weaknesses.

You will discover:

  • Why certain elements of a budget process are critical
  • Which areas of your process could be improved
  • How your budgeting strengths could be further developed

What it is

The Resource Allocation Performance Assessment Tool (RAPAT) has been developed based on decades of priority setting, resource allocation, and budgeting research in public institutions. Its development and implementation has been documented in international publications and presented in over ten international conferences.

This version has been created to help healthcare organizations uncover the strengths and weaknesses in their budgeting processes, and set the stage for improvement.

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